About me

briefly about myself and my principles

Who am I and What I create actually

Hi, My name is Andrew. I’m professional designer. My professional experience is over 10 years. The basic principles of my work are: Individual approach to each client; Non-standard design solutions; High quality design for different applications; Responsible attitude for customer’s requirements; Fulfillment of orders on-time.

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Our strategy

I do not look for easy ways in work with the customer needs. Always trying to use my knowledge and experience to carefully craft a plan that’ll help me build up an awesome products.

Our solutions

I try to perform every project so that as though do it for myself. Every element has to find its place, its color and its correlation to others. That is my point and my goal.

let's me introduse my skills levels

Our skills

Just working only in the positive and qualitative results, responsibly and accurately. I create design for user interfaces: desktop-applications, software, web services, mobile devices, social networking, e-commerce; site design; design splash screen. I design colorful and modern icons for iOS, and other platform; worked out usability interfaces; designed logos, characters; design of printed products.

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Creativity & Design & Illustration

Sketch / Adobe / Affinity

UX & Wireframing

UI & Prototyping



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In the portfolio section, I decided to share with you only a few of my latest projects. Trying to touch on various areas of business, in order to maximally demonstrate my capabilities. I'm sure none of my works will not remain without your attention. More complete information about my projects you can get using the link to my portfolio.

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