mobile application ui

The Taxi mobile application design

Project description

Rather often you can see the situation when the driver cannot find a place to park his car quickly especially in the unfamiliar “jungles” of the metropolis. It is happened even in cases when a driver familiar with these “jungles”. He is compelled to wander in the nearby streets for hours in the hope to stick his car somewhere. But you can solve this problem in a different way.

The process of developing ideas and prototyping the mobile application of Taxi

Main idea of this project

The main idea of the application was to create a free tool for people who often use the services of application Taxi and also for drivers engaged in professional and private transportation.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

The Taxi mobile application design

Couple words in addition

The creating of application comes from the stages of the application structure to the creation of the ware frame-prototypes smoothly. Initially, designers supposed that the mobile application Taxi will not fulfill the Taxi order function only, but will also operate as an independent service through which passengers and drivers will be able to compile, plans and a travel schedules. It was planned to release the mobile application Taxi for two major mobile systems, iOS (for mobile devices produced by Apple company) and Android (for mobile devices produced by various Chinese and Korean manufacturers).

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