mobile application ui

The analytics mobile application design

Project description

In most cases, we use a mobile application as an auxiliary information tool in aggregate with an extended desktop version. The application helps us to be aware of the events that occur, to control with actions and to influence on the results consequently.

The process of developing ideas and prototyping mobile analytics

Main idea of this project

The idea was to create a user-friendly version of a user’s application for mobile viewing the state of the analytical information of the user's site. During development, many different proposals were applied to improve, styling, structuring and accessibility of analysis results.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

The analytics mobile application design

Couple words in addition

At once, after a quick registration, a user receives the first level of an information for monitoring of the site traffic status. The internal options of the application allow performing the monitoring of account, to glance over the status log, and additional reference information.

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