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Website design for Printealo 3D printing service

Project description

Currently, 3D technologies increasingly penetrate in our lives. With the advent of 3D applications, we began to create our own virtual 3D worlds, and with the advent of 3 prints, these worlds are transformed in reality. There appeared a large number of companies that offer their services in the field of 3D printing, demonstrating their advantages in speed and quality of 3D printing. Anyone can print their 3D model at an attractive price.

3D miracle-process of creating a 3D model

Main idea of this project

The main goal of the project was to demonstrate the ability of the firm and to discuss feedback concerning of the works that were done, to talk about the firm's pricing policy, at last to get orders from new customers.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Website design for Printealo 3D printing service

Couple words in addition

The project was developed from the wireframe phase and based on the already created structure of the website’s model. Currently, the site has a one-page structure. The first page of the website literally immerses the user into the world of the 3D miracle-process of creating a 3D model. Everyone would like to see the moment of turning his idea into reality in some minutes. In other sections of the project, the visitor is told about the process itself and its priorities.

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