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One-page website design for Luxury Wedding cakes

Project description

Creation of a personal one-page website for the master-confectioner business, which surprised not only with the taste and artistic appearance of dishes, but also with the technique of their production. This master-confectioner is a woman who founded her business of producing first-class confectionery for wedding celebrations and other holidays, decided to use the Internet to advertise her a fascinating products and hence attract more new customers.

Creation web page design for Luxury Wedding cakes

Main idea of this project

The idea and structure of the website had been proposed by the customer and were based on the already existing business, which was supervised by the master cook himself. The structure of the website was coordinated with the customer and remained unchanged until the end of the project.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

One-page website design for Luxury Wedding cakes

Couple words in addition

The main section of the project presented the gallery of confectionery produced by the confectioner. This section was divided into several sub-sections, each of which was filled with her "sweet" masterpieces.

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