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Website design and a mobile application for Classifieds

Project description

It had been worked out a model of website and an “Classifieds” application. These model and application allow for clients of the website to sell, rent, buy and exchange any kinds of goods or services. Anyone who wants to buy, lease, exchange products (including real estate) or services (including business) after registration can start their partnerships in compliance with a pre-contracted agreement.

The process of developing ideas and prototyping website and mobile application

Main idea of this project

The main idea of the website the “Classifieds” is to fulfill the role of an intermediary, to monitor the implementation of the agreement and provide the service in the execution of the transaction process.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Website design and a mobile application for Classifieds

Couple words in addition

The development of the project began at the stage of simulation of the ware frames with the subsequent visualization of the site layout and mobile application. The structure of the project was proposed by the customer.

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