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Web design for Karlovy Vary Oplatky e‐shop

Project description

The company that produces Karlovy Vary oplatky (round‐shaped wafers) is one of the companies that appeared in the last century and survived to this day thanks to the constant influx of tourists into the spa part of the city of Karlovy Vary only.

New look and feel for the historical brand of Karlovy Vary

Main idea of this project

The idea of the design of the online store model was to transfer the visitor into the historical atmosphere that developed around the production of Karlovy Vary wafers. The process of a website eshop creating was started from the production of the site structure, ware frames, smoothly transforming into design.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Web design for Karlovy Vary Oplatky e‐shop

Couple words in addition

Great attention was paid to the textures. To fill the online store with information, the system connecting the buyer's SMS with the order‐form, of the wholesale offices was used. The firm offers almost two dozen types of oplatky having different taste. It should be noted the popularity of products and the fact that there are some firms producing counterfeit oplatkys in Karlovy Vary today. For the Karlovy Vary eshop, a logo was also produced, which was used on the project pages subsequently.

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