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Design of XMAS FUN landing page for Sincity Casino

Project description

The whole landing page with the main characters of the games has acquired a winter theme. One of the interesting elements of the page was the model of interactive calendar, literally flipping through the pages of which you can see the schedule of all games.

Development of XMAS FUN landing page design for Sincity Casino

Main idea of this project

The main idea of the project was to create a mood of the holiday, create WOW‐ effect and last to lure visitors to take part in any game. At once after creating the page structure and the page model of the ware frame, were started the drawing and stylization of the calendar as the main interactive element.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Design of XMAS FUN landing page for Sincity Casino

Couple words in addition

To use the page interactive element, the well‐known JS framework was used. Like the others, this landing page received an adaptive layout. The main interactive element of the project was a calendar. At once after loading the page, the interactive calendar will point on a slider that a user can use to navigate through the dates by means of scrolling through the pages with games.

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