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Creating online shopping website Fitter E‐Shop

Project description

The Fitter E‐Shop design is pure, minimalistic style allowing you to focus your attention on product selection, reviews and goods descriptions. This online store offers a wide range of sports goods and sport equipment to visitors. Besides, it offers you to choose the type of payment and some methods of good delivery.

Creating online shopping website corresponding to the latest trends

Main idea of this project

The main idea of the project was to create an online store in a minimalistic, modern style, corresponding to the latest trends in Internet marketing.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Creating online shopping website Fitter E‐Shop

Couple words in addition

The process of creating an online store included creating of ware frame and visualizing blocks and their elements. To fill the site‐store with information was used a control system connecting the SMS of buyer with a seller form of order. This system provided a choice of payment types and methods of delivery of goods. From the first page, the visitor begins to be plunged into the world of sport and training.

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