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3D icons for presentations, games, education applications

Project description

A variety of 3D icons can be used in your different presentation, gaming and educational applications. Full‐color ready models are attractive and force you to pay attention. In our opinion, these 3D icons are beautiful. They are endowed both with sense and they have bewitching execution. These icons have very good image in teaching aids.

Awesome 3D icons for presentations, games or education applications

Main idea of this project

The 3D icons contain many realistic details that create the illusion of the miniature world and tell fairy‐tale stories. Each icon went through its creation process, from the idea, through a lot of sketches with different options, through 3D modeling with texturing to processing of the final image.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

3D icons for presentations, games, education applications

Couple words in addition

3D modeling with texturing, setting up the environment and lighting adjustment, camera setup, render, processing in the raster application are the processes that every icon had gone through. The icon carries a lot of interesting and sometimes even incomprehensible things, but at the same time immediately understandable for all who see it.

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