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Design of the site for travel agencies Magnolia

Project description

The travel company Magnolia is ready to convey you in any corners of Europe, transform your rest both into a fabulous trip, and a trip for recovery your health. A large number of tour‐packages to all corners of Europe await you and your friends in the travel company Magnolia. The company is ready to offer not only travel but also health resort services. The firm is ready to offer both travel, and health resort services, registration in hotels of the central European cities. The desire to increase their income, the travel agency has decided to use social networks to inform their subscribers about discounts and promotions of actions.

The process of creating a website for the tour company Magnolia

Main idea of this project

To expand the business and to attract more customers, it was decided to expand the scope of activities in the Internet and social networks, to talk about the success and reliability of the company there and everywhere it will be possible.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Design of the site for travel agencies Magnolia

Couple words in addition

The process of creating a site for the tour company Magnolia was started from the building of the site structure, and development of the base‐map ware frame, with following stylization of the layout elements. One of the main elements of the title page was the search and ordering form. In some seconds after viewing the page of the website, the form appeared before your eyes and it remained always at hand.

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