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Explore world mobile application

Project description

The Explore application will allow you to publish your photos that you made during travels, to keep your travel log, to share with friends with information, to organize joint trips or simply to travel outside the city. Your photo archive does not have to consist of countryside photo‐reports only. City photos organized in categories can also be guided in it. The application allows you to share your travel with friends from other social networks, and talk about your impressions.

The process of developing ideas and prototyping the mobile appendix Explore

Main idea of this project

The idea was to create a social network using a travel log with a photo report about the places of arrival. The process for the application was started from the emergence of an idea, the development of ware frames and the creation of prototypes.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Explore world mobile application

Couple words in addition

This project is still in the status of “development”. The planned technologies will be presented later. At once after registration, you can add your photos by defining them in your created categories, adding friends, sharing your records and traveling.

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