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Design of an online eshop for flowers ‐ Flower Store

Project description

A simplified version of the website model for Internet trading is designed in a minimalistic style and offers the user an overview of existing products, various promotions, and the order of selection and delivery of a bouquet of flowers.

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Main idea of this project

The aim of the project was to design a small online store for the florist, who would perform all the functions of the seller and would be an indispensable aspirant for receiving additional orders. The development of an online store for the florist included the idea of improving the sales strategy, developing the watchframes and creating visual prototypes.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

Design of an online eshop for flowers ‐ Flower Store

Couple words in addition

The main idea was not to burden the visitor with unnecessary information. In the creation of the project, technologies were used with frameworks for accelerating and adaptive layout, JS libraries for animating animations and interactive elements. The first page of the website includes a block of advertisements and discounts placed in a rotating roundabout, which allows you to notify the user about current promotions.

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