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New vision of social media kit

Project description

A new set of compositions that can be used for social networks is performed in strict minimalistic style. The design of applications is focused on the work of subscribers and is standed out well against the background of the competitors. A mysterious world surrounds us. It can be nature and animals, favorite things and books and even friends or relatives. The world is filled with miracles when we share them with each other.

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Main idea of this project

The main idea of the application was to create a free social network for people who often travel, see the beautiful places, observe different nature phenomenon and are ready to be exchanged with ideas. In the process of the site creation, free software was used in the structuring and creation phase of the ware‐frame‐prototype.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

New vision of social media kit

Couple words in addition

The layout reached its final form after rendering and adding raster images. During the development of layout elements a lot of auxiliary material was used, which allowed to expand the capabilities of the application and made it more convenient to use. Minimalistic style is the highlight of the layout design. It was decided to allow visitors to be enjoyed by photo and idea, which the author wanted to share freely.

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