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User interface elements for design e‐commerce website

Project description

Based on the approved wireframes, we developed variants of graphic elements for the online shoe store. The card system allows you to conveniently and quickly create the filling of layout pages. Modules can be interchangeable and allow you to split a project into many independent elements in the layout process.

Full editable, vectorized elemnts for fast, professional design

Main idea of this project

Stand‐alone modules of the site layout of the online shoe store are completed in a modern, minimalistic style. After the simulation of the mainframes, the basic interface elements of the online store had been selected.

Approximate price range


Project execution time

User interface elements for design e‐commerce website

Couple words in addition

During development of the layout elements, a 12 column grid was used. This grid provides possibility to simulate a card system of blocks with a variety of options. The use of ready‐made layouts makes it to be possible to offer customer a fullfledged online store for the shortest time.

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